What is 2021 New Youtube Policies 2021 explaining step by step

 What are the new rules for YouTube?

So from time to time, youtube rules change. Let me tell you a few new and old rules.

rules for YouTube

Okay, so I’ll start with a new law. There is a new law that came in 2019. The law states that videos cannot be made using children. If a child makes a video, leaving the child alone ..It can even spit on the channel. But they have added to the same rule that if such videos are made, an adult must be with the child.

rules for YouTube

Another rule is that you can not put sexual parts without age law. So if you put videos without putting such videos Age rule, you will have to say bye to the YouTube channel. Another law like this is the fact that you can’t upload scary stuff, conflicts, dangerous stuff into part videos without the age rule.

So you have to think ten times before posting a video like this. Or the offense is your time. These rules are called the YouTube Community Guideline. If 3 or 4 strikes like this hit in a row, your channel will be blasted. Things I forgot to say, what you need to know more about this article, leave a comment below

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