Animals arrested on various charges and crimes.

Usually, we arrest people who are arrested by the police for committing a crime. So the amazing thing is that today in this article we have brought to you the animals that are arrested on various charges and crimes. You’ve seen so many people being arrested, but you haven’t heard of animals being arrested, have you?

No. 6 = Ramachandran Elephant

So this is happening in the state of Kerala in India. At one religious festival, this elephant named Ramachandran got angry and trampled three people. So this elephant has been charged and arrested. By now the elephant is about 45 years old. A three-month festival ban and a fine have been imposed.

No. 5= Spy Monkey

Next on our list is this spy monkey. This work takes place in a town called Bahawalpur in Pakistan. Every night a monkey walks the streets. Because of this, the villagers think that this monkey is a thief or a terrorist.

Residents have been evacuated from the village by wildlife officials as the monkey is difficult to catch.

No. 4 = Black Goat

So this is happening in a small state in India. The magistrate has seen this goat eating flowers in the backyard of a district magistrate in India. Imagine how unfair it would be to imprison an animal for such a small thing.

No. 3 = Secret Red Cat

This incident takes place in a state in Brazil. Prison officials have caught a cat trying to hide a cell phone, a battery, and some equipment inside a prison. The man who tried to hide in the cat and send it to prison has not yet been identified.

No. 2 = white milk cow

Next on our list is this dairy cow. This shocking act takes place in a state in southwestern Nigeria. When the police arrived the culprits had fled. Unfortunately, when the police came here, it was this dairy cow. Unfortunately, when the police came here, it was this dairy cow.

At the end of this article, we are going to talk about this parrot called Lorenzo. You know that parrots can talk. In fact, parrots like this are very valuable to criminals.

What do you really think about this? Is it appropriate to arrest animals like this? Animals are not intelligent people like human beings.

We will add another article as a bonus for you to read attached to this article. In that article, we will talk about Dark Web

When we find something we don’t know, we search it on the internet. So you have learned a lot of such things from the internet by now. So today we are going to talk on the internet.
It’s about the dark side. We call that dark web the Dark Web.
The Internet is made up of thousands of pieces of information. From the data on the Internet, you can only access a very small area. So the rest is called the dark web and the deep web. We will talk about that separately in the future. If you are thinking of going to the dark web from your chrome browser it is just a fake job.
                                           You need to know these things before you go to the dark web.
The dark web is a place of criminal activity. Anyone who enters the Dark Web can buy any kind of drugs, guns, counterfeit money, unauthorized Netflix accounts, or hacking devices. Largely we can see hackers on the dark web. Only Bitcoin is used. There are a number of reasons to use it. On average, about 96% of them are clear web sites.
                                                 It can be more or less. This is what we call the Surfer Web. These dark web sites can only be accessed by the tor browser. Dark websites are often very similar to the websites we use in our daily lives. The only difference here is that dark websites end in .onion instead of ending in .com or .co. Often dark websites are created with a stream name structure created from unremembered URLs. This system never reveals the owners’ names, addresses, or real addresses. there are some very interesting stories about Tor Browser.

We will bring them to you in the future if you like. Don’t forget to comment below on what you think about this.

If there are any articles you want to continue, please comment below.

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