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What is YouTube Trending

How are we going YouTube Trending? I will tell you about it in this article today. So if you go to the trending list you can watch videos like this. How do we actually send a video like this to Trending? I will tell you about it today.

trend youtube

How does trending develop? 

Trending is built on the same YouTube algorithm. In order for that to happen, our video should be more Suggestion on YouTube and have more likes in less time …It doesn’t have to be Likes or Dislikes

trend youtube

So no matter how many likes there are, there should not be enough comments for that video. That comment can’t be too much spam. So if there are too many reports for the video that is going to be trending, it will not be trending. At one time it happened to Ashen Vlogs.
trend youtube

So as I said above, if you definitely get more likes and comments in less time, you too can go trending without a game.
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