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The process of assessing the mental state of an airline passenger does not end with the customs separation. After security checks, you get on the plane where the most fun things happen. Attractive smiling flight attendants are scanners that have the special ability to pick the good ones from the horrible person just by walking and talking. We bring to your attention 7 points that we have collected in this regard.

                supervisors that flight attendants do about you

1) If you do not say hello, the flight attendant will definitely ask about you.

                           supervisors that flight attendants do about you

There is a reason to call you “hello” as you board the plane. It is one of the elements of their action. If a passenger cannot even answer “hello”, he cannot expect help or assistance from them in an emergency. If a person is not a friendly and restless person, it usually reflects a lot about his character.

2) You don’t look straight at them.

The flight attendants, who are there to greet passengers as they board the plane, will always look into their eyes. If the passenger avoids eye contact at that point, it is a dangerous signal. The thinking is simple. If you make a mistake, look away. Of course, not everyone who looks away should consider as a bad person. This is one of the signals that airlines use to make a final decision about their passengers

                supervisors that flight attendants do about you

3)If your face is pale and your nose is red,

That the illness of the passenger is not a problem for the other passengers around, The report issued by the doctor recommending that there is no risk of it spreading in the air. Airport staff may ask passengers before boarding flight attendants. But a person who comes in with a cough and runny nose will be admitted if he says he is allergic to cats.

This situation is causing great distress to the airline. It is special to have to pay extra attention to their current health as well as those people. They should also try to provide seating away from other passengers who may suspect or fear that they may be infected flight attendants

4)You will receive leaflets and a booklet.

If a passenger starts talking to everyone around him and tries to connect with his own opinion and ideas, what is happening? The primary task of the flight attendants is to make the aircraft as safe and comfortable as possible for every passenger. It makes it uncomfortable for such naughty passengers to want to share their erudition with others.

5)You answer questions with amazement and speed.

                   supervisors that flight attendants do about you

People who behave in silence with a lot of surprises are the ones who are anxious. Also, if someone is talking too fast or too slow, it is a distraction to the flight. That’s how they hide their true status. You may need to get extra attention from the flight attendants.

6)You look like a Greek god.

If an air hostess smiles at you and looks at your strong arms, most likely it is not because you are beautiful. The reason is that she recognizes you as someone who is in a position to help you, flight attendants. If you have a passenger who is noisy or annoying, you will need your help to control him. You will also be able to help out with an older woman who comes with a really heavy bag.

Various Thing = flight attendant supervisor salary = It Is change In their country to country (A problem that many people have)

7)Do not be fooled.

       supervisors that flight attendants do about you

Biting the head and wrists, dancing the muscles of the face, sometimes scratching, shaking the head, shaking frequently, changing the posture, and in other words, trying to hide something or to hide something secret. Does or someone reflects the traits of a cheater. When a person laughs too much, it means that he is more anxious.

Peoples Same Problems

* What is a flight attendant supervisor

Flight attendant supervisors with airline services are employed to monitor, coordinate, and evaluate the performance of flight attendants. … These supervisors also maintain records and explain the policy and procedures of the company. They are also experienced in demonstrating methods and techniques in completing tasks.

flight attendant supervisor = Not Included

cabin crew means = the members of an aircraft crew who attend to passengers.” cabin crew who look after the first-class cabins go on special courses”

Like those who are afraid to fly, such passengers need to be given more attention as well as compassion. A restless passenger can be immediately identified, and the flight attendant even remembers where he is sitting. Such a person can be violent, it also poses a threat to the safety of the aircraft. (flight attendants)

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The airline’s action chain is not just about drawing conclusions about someone in one word or action. It is a mixture of behavioral assessment. However, the safety of air passengers depends on the ability of employees to make these decisions.

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