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How To Make Money On YouTube

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About making money from youtube. YouTube is really something that anyone can make money from. For example, on YouTube, people from 7-year-olds to 70-year-olds are successfully making money. Now you may be wondering how much you pay for YouTube.

YouTube Earning Proof 2020
YouTube Earning Proof 2020

We will talk about that later.

So we hope this article will give you a brief overview of A to Z. First, we will tell you how to make money from youtube. Primarily, we can make money on YouTube through AdSense.So this is the way most YouTubers in the world make money. This is how AdSense really works. Simply put. A company submits its ads to YouTube.It is kept by YouTube and gives us a part of it. That means we want to make money from YouTube. Ads should be played on our YouTube channel. In the past, we could make money as soon as we created a YouTube channel. But now the situation has changed. If you want to make money from our channel, you have to complete 4000 watch time with 1000 subscribers. Then we can get some money from YouTube through AdSense.OK, so you want to create a youtube channel. 

how to earn youtube
how to earn youtube

How To Make YouTube Channel

First, you need to have a Gmail account. It is very easy to fix. If you search for how to make a Gmail account on youtube you can also learn how to create an account.OK.you have to go to YouTube.You need to first sign the account from the phone or pc or the device you are going to. It means to sign an account. Now you can go and name the channel. After adding a name, you can add a logo and a cover photo if you like. Now the work is done. You have a YouTube channel. Now you need to start making videos first, think about what category you are in. Then select a category you like and continue making videos.

YouTube Revenue Earning Proof 2020
YouTube Revenue Earning Proof 2020

Now you have a question about how we make these videos.

I will simply say that it is a good app and basic software that you can use. now you can download it. I recommend these two because it is easy for you.

  1. Filmora
  2. Kinemaster

So, if you want to learn all these things from the beginning, watch YouTube. Step by step It will teach you about this on YouTube. So you will be able to edit a good video from these things. Make as many videos as you can and share them with your friends. You can get a good number of views. Somehow with 1000 subscribers, you have to make 4000 watch hours in a year. 

youtube earnings
youtube earnings

Now You can Enable monetization. Go to the Monetization tab and click the enable button So today we briefly explained youtube money. I will explain this in the future with videos and articles. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. .So see you in another article like this. 

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