Raween Kanishka Age,Wife,Tv Derana,Family,Awards,Facts, Career, Wiki,Lifestyle and Full Biography (රවීන් කනිශ්ක)

 Raween Kanishka Age,Wife,Lifestyle and Full Biography  (රවීන් කනිශ්ක)

So the question that many people have is how old Raween Kanishka really is.When we start the article, let’s start with Raween’s age.Raween Kanishka was born on August 5, 1991.That means by 2021 Raween will be 29 years old.

Raween Kanishka’s village is Kuliyapitiya. Mom and Dad work in two government jobs.Raween is educated at Aswadduma Subharathi Kanishta Vidyalaya.He also joined the Kuliyapitiya Central College to pursue further education.

In 2010 I will sit for the A / L examination under the raween commerce syllabus.Since he had the ability to sing well since he was a child, Kanishka joins Derana dream star to get the most out of his talent.With the program called ‘Derana derana dream star season 4’

Born = 15 August 1991

 Age = 29

Living = Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka

Residence = Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka

Nationality = Srilanka

His famous other names = Anuhas,Deweni Inima Anuhas,දෙවෙනි ඉනිම අනුහස්,Raween,Derana Anuhas,Derana Raween

Occupation = Singer , Actor , Presenter , Dancer

Years active = 2012—Present

Raween Kanishka Age,Wife,Tv Derana,Parents,Lifestyle and Full Biography  (රවීන් කනිශ්ක)

However, the special thing is that Raween Derana is taking second place in the dream star season 4 program. He has created a huge audience by appearing in the Dream Star competition.He is releasing his first music  video.It is also well known among the masses.The best thing is that Raween Kanishka won an award at Derana Music Awards for this song.

Raween Kanishka Other Social Media

Facebook Page – Click Here

Facebook group – Click Here

YouTube Channel – Click Here

Instagram = Click Here

Songs to his fame

Kadahalena tharuwak

Maga harunu mata wasanthaya

Aruthak nathi lowata

Sada thani uu adaraya

Wisiree Thibuna

Raween Kanishka Age,Wife,Tv Derana,Parents,Lifestyle and Full Biography  (රවීන් කනිශ්ක)

Other Famouse Things Raween Kanishka’S

Raween Kanishka mobile number =No Include

Raween Kanishka home =No Include

Raween Kanishka Deweni Inima New Song

Raween Kanishka school = Kuliyapitiya Central College. 

Raween Kanishka home = Kuliyapitiya

Raween Kanishka Instagram = Clickhere

Raween Kanishka wedding = Include pending

Raween Kanishka Wife = No Include

Raween Kanishka Car Colour = Red

Raween Kanishka Networth = 500$ – 5000$

 Raween Kanishka Favourite Colour = Red

Raween Kanishka Favourite Fashions = Include pending 

Raween Kanishka Age,Wife,Tv Derana,Parents,Lifestyle and Full Biography  (රවීන් කනිශ්ක)

Raween Kanishka Joins To

derana star challenge season 2

derana star city season 1

Raween Kanishka as a professional Actor,Announcer,A singer and a talented dancer.Unfortunately, He is not fortunate enough to work as a singer in the field for a long time.Despite that, Raween Kanishka is fortunate to remain in the field as an actor.

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