We’re Working on Setting You Up Google AdSense | AdSense Under Review Problem Solve

We’re Working on Setting You Up Google AdSense | AdSense Under Review Problem Solve

In this article we are going to talk about a common error that can happen to a YouTuber or a Blogger (WordPress, Blogger or any).You know that adsense is the main way we can earn money through a blog or a YouTube channel.

If we’re done with all the essentials on a YouTube blog, the next thing we need to do is apply for Google AdSense.

Even if you ask for adsense, a week, a month, two months later, your Adsense account is still pending.

Today we have brought to you some successful solutions to this problem.We hope that the screenshots and videos will give you a better understanding of this.

Step 1)

1) This is how you can view the interface when you first open an AdSense account.An error like this has occurred here.

(Error)We’re working on setting you up

This usually takes less than a day, but in some cases it can take a bit longer. We’ll notify you when everything’s ready. Then start earning money by placing ads.

But there is no positive answer to this.

2) You first click on the three dot icon next to the home tab.Then you can look at the image this way.

3) Click on the feedback option at the bottom.

Then you can share your thoughts through adsense feedback.We have given a successful answer to this below.

4) Copy the text below and paste this code where you have the feedback.

Enter the name of your blog or YouTube account in the name field, and the name of your website or YouTube Channel in the fields field.

5) Then click on the screenshot and click on your home screen Error to get a screenshot.

6) Then send that message.

“Have a nice day! Google adsense

A few days ago I applied for adsense with all my (Blog / YouTube) requirements. It has been about a week since I applied for this AdSense account but I have not received any successful reply. We know that the adsense team is very busy. I request the google adsense team to review this account as soon as possible. My (youtube channel / Blog) name is (Your Channel). Please review this account soon.

thank you.”

Same Fact

Another reason for these issues is that you already have another AdSense account.Then first close the AdSense account you created earlier.According to the AdSense rules, a person can only have one AdSense account.If there are several adsense AdSense accounts, those accounts will be detected and these accounts will be disabled by AdSense.

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