How to Enable Snapchat Notifications on iPhone 13

Snapchat is an attractive application that has become popular all over the world. Another special thing is that most of the people who use this application are young people. This article that we have brought for you today is very important for iPhone 13 users. The big question for many people these days is actually how to Enable Snapchat Notifications on iPhone 13.Let’s talk step by step how to do this job.


How to Enable Snapchat Notifications on iPhone 13
Snapchat Notifications on iPhone 13

you have to do is use Snapchat on your iPhone 13.

Here is the Steps table

Step 1 – Tap Settings

In this case, you must first go to the Settings option.

Step 2 – Select Snapchat

After going to Settings, the next thing you need to do is scroll down. At the bottom you will see the Snapchat application you have installed. Click on it

Step 3 – Tap Notifications

After selecting the Snapchat application, you need to go to the Notifications option there. It shows you some more options that you need to follow for this.

Last Step – Turn On Notifications

After clicking on the Notification option, you will see the Allow Notification option. Now you need to enable this option. And below that you can see the Snapchat Notification Settings option. you have multiple settings. like lock screen notification center and banners so you can always go up to the setting that you want to turn on or off and you can announce the notifications you can turn the banner style.( Enable Snapchat Notifications on iPhone 13 )

temporary or persistent as you want you can turn off the sounds and the badges as well as you want and once you have done so you can always go to the Snapchat notification settings itself now you can see all the notifications are turned on automatically. and you can see we have allowed the notifications and turned on the notifications of Snapchat on I phone 13. Here Some Instagram Tips For You

You can reset the advanced settings by clicking on it. You do not need to turn on data and join Google to do this. You can do this job without any problems if you follow the steps given above.

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