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Pushpa: The Rise Leaked For Full HD Download: Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandanna starrer Pushpa has been delivered in performance centers on December 17 and on day 1 of its delivery.

The film in light of story of a truck driver in Seshachalam timberlands of South India, is set in the setting of red sandalwood pirating. The Sukumar executive has Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s unique number and Fahadh Faasil’s extraordinary job and not to fail to remember Rashmika Mandanna’s de-glitz look.

Pushpa Movie Release date – 17 December 2021

Pushpa Movie Running time – 178 minutes

Pushpa Movie Country – India

Pushpa Movie Language – Telugu

Pushpa Movie Budget – ₹200–250 crore

Pushpa Movie Box office – ₹342 crore

Pushpa Movie Fans Reviews

Pushpa Movie Fan 1 – asiinc vijay

To fans – stop watching brain less love stories first and try to grow up. i still don’t understand why we got negative talk on this well performed movie. this proves lot of fans are brain less they are not movies lovers.

Pushpa – the Allu Arjun – from first scene onwards he has given the best example that doing a ultra mass movie is not a joke. Definitely an Award winning performance by AA. Story is excellent and all characters delivered excellence. especially BGM was top notch and dialogues are super.

And i challenge no one can dare to do such rustic dusty heroism role, till the end he looks mass not even hint of poshy or unnecessary smartness. and Chittoor slang he nailed it, great perfection till end specially on 2 scene sitting down in bus stand and having BEEDI waiting for bus scene was too good.

Kudos to his friends role it has importance and he did very well and proved no one can do it.

Sunil superbly justified his role, Anasuya did well especially sitting above sunil and silting his throat scene she nailed it.

Ajay Gosh has done great job and he lived in the character definitely he is going to get big chances in near future. and the first police officer the guy who is in rangastalam also did great job.

Rashmika – with her performance in this movie she definitely hit bollywood directors eye she was cute and acted well.


Pushpa Movie Fan 2 – Anas Ansari Reviews


First of all , the crowd which came to watch their superstar are all complaining of neckpain.What was the intensity I tell you , it was insaneee!!! Allu Arjun at the very first appreance sets the tone for a roller coster of heavy clapworthy dialogues like ” Arey 1 aadmi ko 1 lakh dega mai ” …oh brillaint dear shreyas talpade!!

Movie is lenghty when it comes to the runtime of it.But Sukumar has got it right almost after Rangasthalam.He has that narration on his back and he can trust his direction when he has such a powerpacked Allu arjun’s persona. Literall the expressions of him is just phenomenal , I was in awe of his expression especially after that interval fight sequence.

Before that , there’s a track of Samantha and let me tell you , She has just fired and boosted the energy of the audience in just that 5 min rampage.

Story and screenplay dips to an extent after the interval and it was a disappointed 30 mins after the interval until the ultimate saviour arrives- none other than FAFA. Oh man! Fahadh faasil is just flawless the way he speaks , the way he expresses his angry on pushpa. Just another regret to Sukumar sir…that I really hoped that Fafa would have got more of the screen time.He has just lifted the single handedly.His dialogues are so powerful and there’s so much going on betwen these two. Should have got more of pushpa and Bhanvar singh shekhavat (Fafa) together , it would become a masterpiece

Overall , A great worthy watch .

Pushpa:The rule part 2

Waiting for it!!!!

Pushpa Movie Fan 3 – Patricia Jackson

Pushpa: The Rise is 5 stars for me and an excellent movie! Let me just say this for the movies that come out of India. In my opinion, the South Indian movies are the very best. Much better than Bollywood movies. The actors are excellent and their dedication to their craft is always above par. They care. They act. They bring it. This cannot be duplicated by Bollywood. Tollywood, I truly admire.

Allu, and his comrade in this movie was great acting, chemistry, care and concern for each other. There is not one other actor that could have played Pushpa as well as Allu. The entire crew, deserves an award for this movie. Wow!

Keep up the amazing work, Tollywood. Cudos to all; All the best.
Side note to directors in Tollywood, cast Allu in more movies. He’s probably one of the best actors in entire India. He is a versatile actor. He can play any role. I’m still in awe of this movie, granted, it was a bit long, but, I watched it all.😊

And yes, I’ve seen Allu others movies. Excellent actor and great family gentlemen.😎

Pushpa Movie Fan 4 – Anipindi Vedam

Though there’s been a negative talk about this film in the mass circle,I personally haven’t felt it’s not as bad as they have managed to project. On a scale of 5, I’d happily rate it 3.8-4/5.
The film revolves around a worker involved in red Sanders smuggling and how he rises to power in the syndicate using his wits and intellect. The efforts put in by Allu Arjun to mould himself into the character of Pushparaj are impeccable, be it the slang of Chittoor, body language, the physical appearance or the just the performance in whole.

Though the cinematographer has been really praised for his previous works, the camera work is just decent and could have been a lot better.

The biggest setback is the background score which failed to provide an electrifying elevation to the character of Pushpa and a lot of other gripping scenes throughout the film . The only track that keeps people humming the tune is ‘Srivalli’ by Sid Sri Ram, a few other tracks such as ‘Saamy’ and ‘ Naa adda’ seemed quite unpleasant and didn’t really fit into this well written script. Be it the picturization or just the track, these tracks disturb the viewer’s interest in a plot that has managed to grip the audience.

Sunil’ first time performance as one of the antagonist -‘Managalam seenu’ would leave you impressed without a doubt. Rashmika could have been a better performer and seemed like the odd one in this lot of performers. Fahad’ introduction in the last few minutes of the film may have disappointed a few audience which mostly include nibbas , lets not come to any crude conclusions and press your worthless opinions by projecting this well written film as a box office tank & wait for part 2 to witness the suspense unfold.

Pushpa Movie Fan 5 – ravi teja

Yesterday i watched this movie , i went into the world of smuggling and i travelled there with pushpa raj that much impact created this movie on my mind.

Performances :
Alluarjun : gave best till date, he is a boom to telugu film industry.
Rashmika : performed well in emotional scenes .
Other actors also performed well up to their potential and screen space,
pushparaj friend character guy needs an appreciation specially!!
Coming to technical aspects
Direction by sukumar TOP NOTCH
cinematography by miroslaw TOP NOTCH
Music and rr mix by DSP top notch in first half and okay in second half(need to be improved)
Editing by karthik excellent in first half and okay in second half (need to be improved)
final verdict :
Pushpa is a character driven story , the story revolves around the emotions of character pushpa , very well written and executed. Expecting a solid part2 of pushpa, worth watchable movie .

My suggestion : Don’t judge a film by mouth talk or website ratings whether it may be hit or whatever, Watch with your own sense of mind without any contamination with rumors or reviews or ratings whatever etc.Thank you.


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