how do you get rid of blind pimples 2022

I wanted to write this article. because I felt that some of the opinions held by those treating acne and talking to them were wrong. Wrong attitudes hurt in them.

The main reasons why pimples not cured

One of the opinions. That acnes are age-related diseases and should not be treating this one. Acne mainly affects people in the age group of 10-12 years or are exposed to hormonal changes. Although it is a hormonal process, it needs to treat this problem.

how do you get rid of blind pimples
how do you get rid of blind pimples

Age-Related Pimples

Otherwise, it is very difficult to remove the scars and stains that result from it. At the same time, acne can cause great frustration for children. Reluctance to face society, loss of self-esteem, and stress are common among these children. Therefore, treatment should be done regardless of age.

Problems Blind Pimples

The other thing is that pimple first appears in people between the ages of 35 and 40. People in those age groups often think that Pimples does not appear at that age for the first time.

how do you get rid of blind pimples


how do you get rid of blind pimples

It Is Common Problem

Therefore, it is common to mistake it for another disease and pursue other treatments. Young girls, in particular, may think that pimples are a result of their impurity. So they are tempted to wash their face often. It is also recommended to use very strong antiseptic soaps. Children, especially in hostels, think that this is a contagious condition. Someone else used his face mask, and he got it. But pimple is not a contagious disease. Some people are also reluctant to seek medical advice because they are afraid that they will need to take medicine repeatedly.
But what happens is that pimples are a recurring condition. It’s not just a matter of getting used to it. Many people also have a fear that long-term side effects will cause it.

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