What is this ZOOM app?

how much does it cost to get zoom done?
With the spread of the covid 19 epidemics, the lives of people around the world changed almost completely. Offices closed. Schools were closed. In short, the whole country was closed.
It was during this time that a culture of working from home began to emerge. At the same time, methods of conducting school education from home began to emerge. Zoom software became popular among many people when different people used different technologies for this purpose. At present many people in this country use this. Although office work has already begun, it is still used for educational purposes as schools are not yet open.
Most people know about this. But it seems that some people still do not have a clear understanding of this.There are many apps that allow you to chat with several people at once on your computer or smartphone. We call these the conferencing app.
That is, the app used to hold meetings. Apart from zoom, there are many other apps like Google Meet, GoToMeeting, join.me. But recently the zoom app has become very popular among many people. You can download this app to your computer or smartphone by visiting www.zoom.com We can get this for free or for a fee. If you get it for free, the number of people who can connect through this app is limited to 100. Also, the continuous use time is limited to 40 minutes.
how much does it cost to get zoom done?
This may have contributed to the rapid popularity of education in our country due to the fact that it can be used for free, equivalent to the duration of a school classroom, and can easily be installed with up to 100 participants. If someone gets this through paid plans, it has the potential to increase the number of times it can be used as well as the number of participants. But we do not need to pay at the moment as all our needs can be met through the free option.

how much does it cost to get zoom done?

do you want to 0 budget. but it depends on your thinking system

how much does it cost to get zoom done?

This app works in two ways. One is the host. The other is participants. This means that a person’s computer or smartphone is the key to activating this app. That person is often the head of an institution or a teacher in a school. Participants are employees who work in either organization.

Students in a school. The host is the first to install, make the necessary settings, and set up the facility for others to participate in this. Meetings conducted in this way require a username and password. Once the addressee has set these up, he or she will receive a link to this. He gives it to those who hope to get it involved.

You can use email, social media, etc. for that. The time when the meeting starts is also given there. Participants then install it on their computers or smartphones and enter it by entering their identification name and password.

Participants have the ability to decide what they want to see. If he wants, he can stay here and present what he wants. Or you can make your computer screen visible to participants.

It also has the ability to customize the appearance of an aide. There you will be able to write down what you need to know. Holding an educational meeting is very much like having a real classroom experience. We raise our hands to like something or to indicate that we know something. A special feature is that an opportunity for this has been included in the zoom app.

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