How to download minecraft 1.17 on android 2021


have a good day! In this article we are going to talk about a new update in the minecraft application.The question many people have is how can we download minecraft new update step by step without any problem on our mobile.Actually we can update this update in various ways with the minecraft application.We will talk about this with simple examples.Earlier we will give a brief introduction about what is in the mine craft minecraft application.


You will learn a lot from this introduction.

All you know is that Minecraft 1.17.10 is a major Mojang update, released a few days ago. Now Mojang is trying to fix bugs and bugs in a future update.


Operating system – Android

Version – 1.17.10

Author – Include Soon

Publisher – Microsoft

License – Free

Xbox Live – Include Soon

Size -150 Mb

The latest version of the Caves and Cliffs includes beautiful axolotls, vicious goats, and mysterious squid added. All you know is that Minecraft is available on all platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Windows and Android.

Minecraft has many features such as Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition especially for Android and iOS devices. With Java Edition for Windows and Mac etc.



First Of All Go to Microsoft Store.

Now Go to the search bar and search for the Xbox Insider Hub app.

Now You Can Download and install the application.

Launch Xbox Insider Hub app.

From here, look for Minecraft and sign-up for their beta program.

After successfully signing up, download beta from Microsoft Store


If you want to download the Minecraft 1.17.10 APK for Android Please get the step-by-step guide

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