Stress Management  | Do you also have stress?

Stress is a common problem in our society today. Today’s corona disease and the consequent curfew, and the many problems that have arisen as a result, have now increased the stress many times over.

Here are some common types of stress:

There are a large number of symptoms that can be caused by stress.This can be divided into three categories: changes in emotions or thoughts, changes in behavior, and physical symptoms.

Do you also have stress?


Changes in emotions ;

Decreased memory, ability to make decisions, decreased attention, and low self-esteem are among the major causes. It is also often associated with fear, anger, loss of self-esteem, feelings of defeat, difficulty concentrating, being ashamed of even the slightest thing, being anxious about the future, and often forgetful. Can be seen in people.


Behavioral changes

Loss of appetite or overeating, temptation to eat too many sweets, alcohol, smoking, drugs, sleeping pills, loss of interest in appearance.The potential for accidents, restlessness, and frequent nail biting can be attributed to these behavioral changes.Also stuttering unable to speak clearly.

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