How to upload high quality images on Facebook | how to upload high quality pictures to Facebook 2022 Right Now

how to upload high quality images on Facebook

Today in this article we are going to talk to you about a kindness that is important to anyone who goes to Facebook. We all like to upload our beautiful photos in high quality to social media like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit. One of the things that bothers many people when uploading images and videos to Facebook in this way is the fact that the Facebook Facebook image quality is declining.

How to upload high quality images on Facebook | how to upload high quality pictures to Facebook 2022 Right Now
high quality images on Facebook

These things show your photos for a very low quality to anyone who sees your photos or videos inside Facebook. Actually here are some solutions to these problems.

A few months ago, in updates, Facebook introduced a separate option for uploading high quality images. One of the options was to be able to upload high quality photos to Facebook with a 1-click.But at this point, after opening Facebook and going to settings, we will not be able to check this option again. Because this option was removed by Facebook after the latest update. There are actually a few tricks for this, as we mentioned earlier, but pay attention to the methods we have outlined below. Because by following these steps you will be able to upload high quality images without any hindrance.

If you have any technical interpretations, please contact Facebook Main Large Hosting. Because as the quality of the images increases, so does the storage capacity of their hosting service. Endurance and speed change a bit because of this.

How to upload high quality images on Facebook | how to upload high quality pictures to Facebook 2022 Right Now
high quality images on Facebook

Below you can see how we can do this in a few steps.Focus on these steps

Number 1 – Focus on the export option

Usually before we upload a photo to Facebook we make some changes to it. For example, we put these photos in an application like light room snap seed and do some editing. Even if you do not know it, when you edit photos through an application like this, there will be a decrease in your photo quality. So one of the tips you need to do is take photos from a very good phone or camera and make the final photo you want using only a few very simple edits. Or adapt to editing photos only through a quality export application.

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Number 2 – Adapting to taking photos with a camera or phone with a larger mega pixels.

high quality images on Facebook

Usually when we take photos with a phone or a camera we put separate megapixels on these devices. If you go to camera settings, you can see the exact number of megapixels. In fact, the more megapixels you take, the more your photo quality will increase. This is the reason why photos are good for a well-performing camera and low quality for photos with a small camera. Not only that, but when you take photos with more megapixels, the capacity here increases a lot. For example, if we take a photo with a good DSLR camera, its photo capacity will be around 10 MB.

Number 3 – Re-enable the Facebook high quality images upload option.

high quality images on Facebook

We’re responsible for all the methods mentioned above, but if you do not pay close attention to this step1 here, you will not be able to upload high quality images to Facebook. You may remember we mentioned earlier that in the previous Facebook updates, this high quality photo upload option was removed permanently. Below are the steps you need to follow to do this.

Here’s Steps

Step 1 – Delete Your Facebook App

Step 2 – Search On Google Brightanvil

Step 3 – Search High Quality Photos on Brightanvil Website

Step 4 – Now choose that article and download Facebook old interfaces

Step 5 – After Downloading Old Interface you can logged in to your Facebook account (high quality images on Facebook)

Step 6 – Now You Can setup high quality image option again.

Next, enable this Facebook High Quality Photo option here by following the steps given below.

Wait Few Second And Download

You have to wait 25 seconds.

Download Timer

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