How To upload High Quality Videos And Images On Facebook

How To upload High Quality Videos On Facebook
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When uploading photos or videos to Facebook using the mobile app, it is the default.  Honestly, most people would prefer to upload standard quality photos and videos, especially if they use their mobile data to do so.If you are a pixel viewer and would like to upload the best quality possible, you can do so by changing the settings in the app.The process is slightly different depending on whether you are an Android or iOS user.

Here’s how to upload HD videos and photos on Facebook.

How To upload High Quality Videos On Facebook

Usually we download and upload videos from Facebook.However, when uploading videos, you can see the quality of the video as Facebook optimizes the video and reduces the size by default due to bandwidth optimization and less data usage.But, people like high HD quality videos. If you are looking for how to upload HD videos to Facebook, here is the full description.

Number 1 – Focus on the export option

Usually before we upload a video to Facebook we make some changes to it.For example, we put these videos in an application like Kinemaster, Filmora, Premiere Pro and do some editing.

How To upload High Quality Videos On Facebook

Even if you do not know it, editing a video through an application like this will reduce your video quality.

Number 2 – Adjust your video viewing settings

Don’t forget to check your video viewing settings. I set up my own to watch videos in HD when available.  It should cover my Facebook account as a whole, including when I am on my cell phone.But make sure you watch your videos in HD by changing your settings or pressing the small gear icon and selecting the top res and HD.

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Number 3 – Reinstall the facebook high quality Videos upload option.

How To upload High Quality Videos On Facebook

In the mobile Facebook app on iPhone and Android devices,  If you are going to upload videos from your mobile device, there are settings in the app itself that you can change to upload videos and photos from HD.On my iPhone, we go to the menu in the bottom right, scroll down to Settings and Account Settings, then go to Videos and Photos, then enable the Upload HD setting under Video and Photo.

Heres Steps

Step 1 – Delete Your Facebook App

Step 2 – Search On Google

Step 3 – Search High Quality Videos on Karunu.comWebsite

Step 4 – Now choose that article and download facebook old interfaces

Step 5 – After Downloading Old Interface you can logged in to your facebook account

Step 6 – Now You Can setup high quality Videos option again

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