How To Make Money On YouTube Really?

* Here it is. You know that YouTube is a very big social media platform. Millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. So, a few years after starting this company, they get ads from other companies. Then they will see how we can take this ad and distribute it among the people. Then they make a decision. We will put these videos among our videos and distribute them. (So ​​I can say that it started from A place (first place)

So they (Youtube company) think that if they give a certain amount of money to the people who make these videos. They (Creators like us who make videos) say that more and more videos will be uploaded to YouTube.

So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. If you watch the video on YouTube, you have seen ads like this

do you need 1000 subscribers on youtube to get paid

So only if these ads are shown on our channel. We can make money.No, there are many more ways. Let me tell you another famous karma Sponsorship We’ll talk more about that in previous articles.So we can get these ads from Google AdSense. AdSense distributes these ads as much as we need.So, if we want to make money from a channel first, we need to enable AdSense. So if we want to enable AdSense we have to do a few things

1) Making Watch Time minutes
2) Make of 1000 subscribers

Here are the two that you need to create a YouTube channel and complete first.
We will continue to talk about this. If you have any questions about today’s article, please comment below.

We will talk about sponsorships in the next article.

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