How to Find and Add Friends on Snapchat

How to Find and Add Friends on Snapchat
Add Friends on Snapchat

Utilizing Snapchat isn’t a lot of fun except if you have companions to send snaps to, and to get snaps back from them! Without adding companions, who will you send your marvelous pictures and recordings to? Who will see your Snapchat story? In this instructional exercise, we’ll tell you the best way to add your companions so you can get the best time out of the application.

Heres Steps

Step 1 – Turn on your mobile device and tap Snapchat to open it. Then, log in.

Step 2 – Tap the ghost icon in the top-middle portion of the screen

Step 3 – Tap Add Friends.

Step 4 – Choose how you want to add your friends: by username, from your device’s address book, by snapcode, add people nearby, or share your username.

Heres Dsnapchat Guide

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