WWE Crown Jewel SmackDown Women’s Title – Sasha Banks Vs. Bianca Belair Vs. Becky Lynch

Thanks to the WWE draft, SmackDown women’s champion Becky Lynch will officially become a Raw Superstar tomorrow night.If we talk about Becky Lunch, it’s not strange that she’s a WWE champion.Because she easily won the WWE Championship.Her die hard fans are well aware of this.

At the SummerSlam, Bianca defeated Belarus to win the Becky in 26 seconds.Next in the ring are Sasha Banks. We saw recent events among the contestants in this competition.It’s also a weird kind of conflict and a good combination.Bank stands on the apron and faces the pyro. Belarus came out one last time, her hair moving back and forth on the way to the ring.

While the bell rings.Bank kicks Becky and then locks Belair.Belair avoids her and throws Becky over the shoulder.Belair grabs a cross body but Becky jumps on her.Bianca Belair throws Becky away and takes the bank’s legs to sw.With a blow to the banks of Belair and the delivery of a pop.The banks at the end of Belair run to their knees.he banks go up but Bianca Belair strikes her and presses her head high above the sky, then with only one hand

We are thus connected to the end now.Banks run but Becky abandons her.ecky has now painted both challengers dis-am-her twice at the same time.Belair is powerful with both of them and Becky goes down and the banks backstabber to Belarus with that move. Even if it falters, Becky kicks back from the banks.Banks block the man-handle slam but Belarus comes from behind and leaves with Becky Kodi.

Before she could be kicked, Belair was thrown to the ground behind the bank, but Belarus throws her out.Banks knock Belair to the ground. Banks run back to put Becky out, but Becky knocks her over for the sake of victory and retention.That was the end of the game and Becky got all the credit for it.

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