Wasthi Anushka Udana(Actor) Age,Wife,Family,Awards,Facts,Wasthi Production,Career, Wiki,Lifestyle and Full Biography (වස්ති අනුශ්ක) 2022 Right Now

 Wasthi Anushka Udana Age,Wife,Family,Awards,Facts,Wasthi Production,Career, Wiki,Lifestyle and Full Biography  (වස්ති අනුශ්ක)

Full name = Anushka Udana Liyanage
Anushka Udana Age = 28
Born on = 23rd of August 1991 in colombo
Birthplace = maravila,mahawawa
School = Wennappuwa Joseph Vaz College,Sri Lanka
Family members =father,mother,sister
Wasthi Anushka Udana
Wasthi Anushka Udana
Anushka is an Sri Lanka professional YouTuber and singer. He is owner of wasthi productions popular YouTube channel.Primarily, he walks on YouTube with sponsorships. He uploaded the first video on YouTube in 2016 and soon became popular on YouTube. He also added official music videos to this YouTube channel. This made him even more popular on YouTube.Here are some examples –

Anushka Udana’s most famous music videos.

2021= Mekanam pissuwak ban
2018 = Kalagotti
2018 = Nurawani
2017 = Yami Pain Yami
2016 = Ann
2017 = Adu Kule para haththa
2017 = Marunu Hithe
2019 = Sudu Ammiya
2015 =Pushparagaya
Anushka Udana’s Wasthi Production YouTube channel is Sri Lanka number one YouTube channel in entertainment category. He was born in 23rd of August 1991 in Colombo Sri Lanka. In addition to being a YouTuber, he is also actor,songwriter,music composer and video director.
He Performed in South Asia’s first drive-in concert held in Sri Lanka in 2020 year. Although Corona was in season, it had a large audience. This concert joined by famous free lankan singers such as Bathiya & Santhush(BNS),Umaria and Yohani.

Wasthi Anushka Udana Members

Members (Cast)

*Wasthi Productions Owner = Anushka Udana
*Dulaj Jayathilake
*Saara Abeywardane
*Shamith Fernando
*Hirusha Fernando
*Shehan Fernando
*Kasun Warnakulasuriya
*Sachith Kuravi
*Nadeera Hettiarachchi
*Surain Kasun Fernando
*W Thiran Vazz
*Robin Jayasuriya
*Sanju Sudarshana De Silva
*Dinendra Neyo
*Pasindu De Alvis
*Suneth Jeewantha
*Kithmi Dilhara Perera
*Sacheera Dilshani

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